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Even in this day of scientific developments and economic revolutions, those who have constructed new houses or currently own one are still dealing with a serious septic tank dilemma. The Government of India proposed a plan to address the issue by preserving and increasing the level of groundwater by requiring each residence to review and reduce the quantity of water consumed on a daily basis. As a result, the Bio septic tanks system was developed as a one-stop remedy for this serious situation.

We route our daily garbage, which includes bathroom and kitchen wastes as well as water used for cleaning and bathing, to the idle filling tanks. The wastewater is then cleaned by adding the collected water that contains solid waste to a tablet called Bio cleaner that has a special form of bacteria that flourishes and consumes all the debris, turning wastewater into 99.9% pure odourless water. After being delivered to tanks, where it evaporates, the clean water leaves your septic tank empty at all times.

Kitchen Wastewater System

Grease, oil, and food scraps are commonly found in kitchen waste water. All of these have the potential to pollute and clog sewers. That is why having a FOG is crucial.

SewageWastewater System

A sewage treatment device known as a “bio septic tank” employs microorganisms to break down waste. The bacteria are already present in the septic tank and are naturally occuring.

Bath Wastewater System

A novel and sustainable method of bath water treatment is the vesta enserv bio bath tank. Using natural bacteria and enzymes, the biobath tank…

Water Treatment Process

Proper wastewater treatment is an important requirement to prevent waterborne diseases and maintain a healthy environment for organisms. There are two types of biological waste water treatments namely aerobic wastewater treatment and anaerobic waste water treatment.

Challenges : Traditional Septic Tank

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The advantages of installing bio septic tanks in residential or commercial sectors make them the finest sewage treatment Plan (STP) appropriate for wastewater management.

Based on the kind of location, water consumption level, and available space for the tanks to be installed, Vesta Enserv, a Salem-based company, offers free consulting and recommendations to people around Tamilnadu on how to construct and manage Bio Septic tanks. Bio septic tanks are appropriate for a wide range of enterprises, from large-scale businesses to small-scale companies.


Install and take action to make the world cleaner.

The only comprehensive answer to the water situation is the installation of bio septic tanks. The number of tanks depends on how much water is consumed in the relevant industry. Once the optimal oxygen pressure level has been determined, 3*3 size successive quiescent tanks are installed 5 metres below ground level. It just takes one or two days to complete the installation process.

Zero Maintenance

Install just one time, Zero maintenance for lifetime.

Since the water collected in high-quality bio septic tanks is recycled naturally and may be utilised for other water needs, they don’t need to be maintained for years. Your money spent on sewage collectors and repairs for leaks and obstructions is saved by a bio-septic tank. To put it more exactly, the life lifetime of the structure and the bio septic tank are directly inversely proportional.

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